I’m Melanie.

A lot of words can be used to describe me. Mom, wife, crazy dog lady, horse crazy, bookworm, crafty, Volkswagen enthusiast, and developer are a few. While all of the words are accurate, they all describe my passions.

Being a passionate developer means that I truly enjoy coding and bringing a design to life. This requires attention to detail to acquire pixel perfection and a dedication to bring an idea to life one line of code at a time.

While I’m extremely comfortable with HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, and WordPress, I enjoy the challenge of JavaScript and occasionally Objective C. I enjoy learning new things and adding to my developers toolbox.


A.S. Web and Multimedia Design & Development

Web Design & Development | Mobile Development

Fundamentals of Design & Media Communication, Color Theory for Web & Multimedia, Fundamentals of the Internet, Introduction to Audio, User Centered Information Design, Writing for Multimedia, Digital Imaging for Web & Multimedia, Design & Typography, Screen Design & Graphics, Interactive Authoring, Basic Web Scripting, Web Development, Intro to Programming, Desktop Video, Computer Animation, Database Systems, Sophomore Digital Portfolio, Mobile Media Design, Networks & Server Structures, Principles of Production Process, Human Computer Interaction and Usability, Scripting for Web Applications, Mobile Device Deployment, Project Management & Assessment, Scalable Data Infrastructures, Visual Frameworks, Mobile Interfaces and Usability, Technical Writing, and Apple Programming Language: Objective C


APPLE INC., 2013-Present
Technical Support

As technical support for Apple, I assist customers with issues from all devices from Beats headsets to iMac computers. I provide support not only for the devices, but also for Apple related accounts such as iCloud and Apple ID across multiple support platforms, that include phone support, chat support, and social media support.

Web Developer

As the web developer for Tulsa Dog Training Club my primary function is to maintain the current website, this includes updating class schedules, posting events, and maintaining email addresses and other web based functions. In addition to the website I assist with the Facebook business page as well.

Web Developer

As a web developer for the company, I handled maintenance, updates, debugging, and new builds of clientele digital products. I supported senior staff in maintaining high volume requests. I have shown proficiency in front-end web development languages as well as PHP and MySql database management.


As a Parapro for the Boy Scouts of America, I ran the Scouting Program, ScoutReach, for the Okatuli district of southeastern Oklahoma, to low income areas. I was Den Leader, Pack Master, and a representative of Boy Scouts, delivering the curriculum to multiple Scouting units throughout the state.

Jail Administrator

As the jail administrator my job entailed managing fifteen or more jailers in their duties as well as managing records, commissary, and judicial documents and proceedings for 120 or more inmates. My duties also included billing the Department of Corrections for their inmates, managing inmate money, and jail based checking accounts.

Military Experience

U.S. ARMY, 2005-2006
Military Intelligence
Honorable Discharge

As an Intelligence Analyst my duty was to use information derived from all intelligence disciplines to determine changes in enemy capabilities, vulnerabilities, and probable courses of action. I prepared all-source intelligence products to support the combat commander. I assisted in establishing and maintaining systematic, cross-referenced intelligence records and files. I received and processed incoming reports and messages, assisted in determining significance and reliability of incoming information with current intelligence holdings and prepared and maintained the situation map.


CUB SCOUT PACK 186, 2016-Present
Communication Officer/Committee Member
Indian Nations Council

As the Communications Officer for Inola Cub Scout Pack 186, I manage and update the Pack’s Facebook Page, including Pack events and Council events as well. I also document our Pack’s events not only by taking photos, but by writing articles for our local newspaper to feature once a month. As a committee member for the Pack, I have a hand in planning the Pack’s monthly content and program for our Pack overall.


Ghost Runners 5k Website
Ghost Runners 5k Poster
APHA Judging Application

The application was developed in Titanium Appcelerator, and was written in JavaScript. It was written for the horse show industry, as a way for judges to judge horses in the ring without billowing papers.

The application opens with a login screen. The judge is then asked to login. Upon successful login, the judge can view the classes coming up, and classes already judged.

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